For this new BIGIT Blog series, we get upclose and personal with our event’s sponsors as they open up to us about what drives them, their perspectives and predictions of the Big Data and ICT landscape in the near future as well as letting us in on a glimpse of their latest and upcoming projects. Psst, read to the end to find out something unexpected about them too!😉

This week,  check out Resham Ganglani from HaloData – Silver Sponsor of the BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2016, as he shared with us his predictions for Big Data in the South East Asia (SEA) and HaloData’s upcoming projects.

Exclusive INTERVIEW with HaloData

BIGIT Team (BT): What is your current position? How long have you been in this position? Can you share a brief overview of what it is you do in your work at Halodata?

Resham Ganglani (RG): I am the CEO of HaloData International group of Companies.  I am the founder of this company and it has been around for 10 years. I am responsible for the management and execution of sales strategy of the IT Security distribution business.

BT: What would you say most motivates you to do what you do? What are the top 3 goals you most want to accomplish in your work? (goals refers to the ones you hold personally rather than what is in your job description)

RG: My motivation is to successfully assist organisations in working securely. Its often felt that IT security is complicated and harm productivity. My goals is to reverse that thinking. Organisations can work safe and securely and increase productivity. Other goals include increased user awareness and also at the end of the day being a good leader to my team!(The best team any CEO could ask for)

BT: What is the featured initiative/project that you are currently working on? Give us a brief overview of it.

RG: We are working on initiatives to increase awareness and knowledge of security policy development in the industry. A lot of times, policies are made after the purchase of technology and therefore and not really what the organisation needs. We want to highlight that policy should be part of the planning process and not an afterthought.

BT: What are the key turning points in this featured project that you would like to share? What did you find most challenging and how did you deal with it?

RG: The key turning point was when a CEO of a large customer decided to hire us not only the provider of IT security solution to their organisation but to be hired as a IT security consultant and assist the organisation in policy creation and insider threat prevention.

BT: What are your top 5 predictions for big data in SEA region for the next year or two and why?

RG replies with:

  • Ransomware will be more prevalent
  • Insider theft of data is likely to increase
  • There will be more certified professionals in the industry
  • Mobile security and computing security will converge
  • Encryption will be mandatory not optional

BT: What’s next for you in your work? What are you looking forward to?

RG: I’m looking forward to including proximity technology as part of IT security enhancement measures.

BT: (Bonus – fun question) When / where did you go on your last holiday and what was the most memorable part of your trip?

RG: Last holiday was to Disneyland Hong Kong. With the hectic schedule I have, it was good to wind down and relax with the family and watch my daughter go crazy over “FROZEN” I can sing “Let it GO” by heart now.

About BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2016

A regional platform jointly organised by Olygen (under the brand BIGIT) and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) – Malaysia’s government agency leading the national Big Data Analytics initiative, the BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2016 aims to drive conversations, promote adoption of Big Data, and is one of the key initiatives as we aim to position Malaysia as the leading Big Data Analytics hub in SEA region.

As the Anchor Event of Big Data Week Asia 2016, this much anticipated event will together the ICT community in one platform and it will be held from 19 – 20 Sept at KLCC Convention Centre, Malaysia.

This two-day event will feature concurrent conferences and exhibition:

  • 4th Big Data World Show
  • Data Security World Show (19 Sept only)
  • BIGIT Exhibition

We are honoured to have the event endorsed by MATRADE and supported by MyCEB and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia. The event is also HRDF claimable.

Drop us any questions at enquiry@bigittechnology.com for more info about the event.



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